Beta Program Participant Qualification: Part 1


Who's the best fit for your beta program?

There is a reason people run a beta period for an upcoming feature. A new experimental feature provides a powerful new tool to your arsenal, but it also may not be fully ready yet. While it could have some bugs you haven't found yet, it may be just as likely that you might have missed a powerful use case for it and further work is required. Vetting who has access to it ensures you get the feedback you need to be ready for launch.

This automation sends a contact through a series of If/Else actions, checking for qualifying points of data and awarding points to a score. It then ends by sending contacts into the second part of this automation, where contacts' score totals will be checked to see who is right for the program.

Here's how this automation works:
1. The contact enters the automation when they submit your form expressing interest in being a beta user.
2. The contact then arrives at the first If/Else action, which checks for your first qualifying condition
3. If the contact meets the condition, they go down the yes path and are awarded points then sent to the next If/Else action via a Go-to action.
4. If the contact does not meet the condition, they go down the no path to the next If/Else action.
5. The contact arrives at the second If/Else action and repeats the process from steps 2-4.
6. The contact arrives at the third If/Else action and repeats the process of either being awarded points or moving on without them.
7. The contact then comes to an Enter other automation action and is sent into the second part of this automation series.

Note: We encourage you to set up If/Else conditions and add point totals that make sense for your business, adding as many as are needed. We use three in our example. We check for if the contact has been tagged as either highly engaged or a previous beta tester and also check to see if the contact has bought accessories/other services from you before.

Note: You should import the second part of this automation first since you will need to choose the second automation in the "Enter other automation" action at the end of this first part.

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