Beta Program: Add Trackable Dates


Isn't it great when everything runs like clockwork?

Tracking the dates of your beta program in ActiveCampaign provides a number of benefits. You're easily able to run searches based on the timing and can run powerful automations using those dates, such as check-ins based on start date, onboarding workflows, and post beta program flows.

This automation updates two custom date fields, one with a specified date on when the program starts and then one with a specified date on when the program ends. The automation is triggered by a tag being added denoting the contact has been approved for the beta, but feel free to adjust this to what makes sense for your business.

Here's how this automation works:
1. The contact enters the automation when they are tagged as Beta Approved.
2. The contact reaches an update a contact step to update a custom date field for the program start date.
3. The contact moves to another update a contact step and a custom date field for the program end date is updated.

Note: You will need to build out the custom date fields to house this data before importing this automation.

Note: Make sure to choose the option "Specific Time" and choose the date your team has decided on for the start date and end date of your program.

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