Automate Contact Availability Automation Recipe


How can you keep track of which contacts are available vs. on an assignment?

If you manage several contractors or temps, it can be hard to keep track of who is currently working on an assignment and who is available for a new project.

Once a contractor or employee is done with an assignment, this automation lets you update their availability to "available" -- no manual work necessary. This automates a small task that can save time and help you stay organized, so you can schedule contacts for new assignments as quickly and seamlessly as possible.

Before importing this automation, you will need to build a custom date field for "Assignment End Date." You will also need to create a custom field for "Assignment Availability." This field can be changed to "On an Assignment" or "Available."

Here's how the automate contact availability automation works:

1. The automation is triggered when a contact's "Assignment Availability" custom field changes to "On an Assignment,"
2. The automation waits until the date in the "Assignment End Date" custom field.
3. On the assignment end date, the contact's "Assignment Availability" field is set to "Available."
4. The automation ends.

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