To recognize and encourage community, every Get TriFIT member who completes a workout video for 365 days straight earns their “purple”: a purple colored TriFIT shirt that represents their sweat and hard work from the past year. Get TriFIT owner Amy Moss-Archambault knows what kind of dedication it takes to show up to work out every day.

As a personal trainer, she had designed a strength training program that delivered powerful, lean muscles in a short period of time. In 2013, Amy opened a brick-and-mortar fitness studio where she taught her strength training program. Over the next six years, the studio grew and so did Amy’s children. By 2019, her children had become incredible athletes themselves, so Amy and her husband had to shuttle their kids from one activity to another. Consequently, the brick-and-mortar studio that required her to be in one place on a set schedule was beginning to clash with her evolving lifestyle. It was time to move the studio online.

Amy created a Facebook group to experiment with the idea of moving her strength training program online. Membership to the Facebook group skyrocketed within months, and in August 2019, Amy launched a fully online fitness streaming service for her strength training program.

The challenge of moving brick-and-mortar into the digital world

Moving the studio online presented some challenges. Amy understood how to provide a personal experience for her clients at her brick-and-mortar studio, but moving online surfaced two main challenges:

  • She wasn’t entirely sure how to provide that same personal experience digitally.
  • She had been struggling to use Mailchimp to target her clients with the right messaging at the right time in their journey.

“Automation done right creates that really personalized experience, but it’s figuring out how to do it right for your business in an authentic way.”

A crucial part of that personalized client experience is understanding where each client is in their fitness journey. Previously, Amy would manually message each client and ask if they had any questions or needed any assistance, referencing her knowledge of the 400 video library in her head. After speaking with a digital consultant, she quickly realized she needed a more scalable solution. Her consultant recommended ActiveCampaign.

Scaling while keeping the personal touch

Amy began to use ActiveCampaign’s CRM to manage each client’s journey and keep track of how far into their fitness journey they were. She created stages for specific time intervals to check in with each client and gather information on their progress. Using an API integration with her video streaming platform Uscreen, Amy tracked how often clients were watching videos and easily identified any disengaged clients. These clients were automatically added to a separate automation path that provided resources, such as more individual coaching calls. Thanks to the information gathered in the ActiveCampaign CRM, Amy knew the clients’ pain points on those calls and how best to move them forward. She is now able to provide the personal experience from her brick-and-mortar studio in her online videos. 

“I wanted to be able to target client behavior with the right messaging, the same way I would if they were in class. ActiveCampaign allows me to really nurture and personalize my client experience.”

There’s nothing better than doing what people believed you couldn’t

Amy handed out 21 purple shirts last month. She attributes the success of her clients to the more personalized experience ActiveCampaign enables her to deliver now. In an industry full of gyms and studios that don’t want their customers to come in every day, Amy is doing the opposite. She wants her customers to press play on a video every single day.

“There’s nothing better than doing something people really believed you couldn’t do. ActiveCampaign has provided me with the ability to give that power of belief to the people who have subscribed and have that same experience. It’s probably the best thing I can do, not just for my business, but for that community and that relationship.”

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