Create a Powerful Customer Journey Story With CallRail and ActiveCampaign

This post was contributed by the team over at CallRail.

For too long, marketing was a necessary but ambiguous expense for businesses. The main justification for marketing was that “every company needs it.” However, call tracking now makes it easy for businesses of all sizes to turn more leads into better customers. Serving more than 200,000 businesses and integrating with leading marketing and sales software, CallRail’s marketing analytics and business communications solutions deliver real-time insights that help our customers market with confidence.

Don’t let phone calls be a blind spot in your marketing analytics

Today, roughly 60% of consumers prefer to use the phone as their first method of contact when inquiring about goods or services, according to a Brightlocal survey. Due to consumer preference, it’s imperative that you understand which of your marketing efforts are the driving force behind those calls.

Call tracking gives unprecedented insight into how your marketing expenses (both on- and offline) are performing by not only identifying where leads are coming from, but specifically where the most profitable leads are coming from. This allows you to eliminate the blind allocation of resources to marketing efforts that do not perform as well as others.

How Call Tracking helps your business grow by optimizing marketing and sales

CallRail users not only gain more customers through the use of our software, but they’re also able to drive down costs associated with marketing. 

Thanks to call tracking by CallRail, shared workspace management and consulting firm, Workspace Strategies no longer wastes $1,000 per month on social media advertising. Workspace Strategies used CallRail call tracking data to confirm their hypothesis that social media was not a source of high value leads for the business. The team was then able to reinvest the social budget into their top-performing channels and capitalize on more lucrative efforts.

While CallRail ended up paying for itself in redirected ad spend at a rate of 20 times over, the insights gleaned from CallRail’s call recordings and transcripts contributed to key optimizations to the sales process. 

As previous analysis had shown that Workspace Strategies was able to increase their close rate to 50% with a tour of their facilities, it was crucial that leads came in for an in-person viewing. However, CallRail’s call recordings and transcripts showed that sales reps were having long telephone conversations with leads, attempting to close business sight-unseen—which proved ineffective. Workspace Strategies used this information as a basis to coach and train staff in the processes that get the best results for the company.   

“When you’re making decisions about how to allocate your marketing budget, proof of ROI is everything. We got proof with CallRail.” – Jason Tiemeier, Director of Operations, Workspace Strategies.

Form Tracking and Conversation Intelligence make marketing optimization a breeze

CallRail takes fewer than 15 minutes to set up and starts showing results as soon as calls come in. To simplify the process of getting started, there are introductory packages that scale with your business’ growth and usage. As your marketing motions grow in sophistication, so does the CallRail product suite.

You can capture form submission data in the CallRail platform alongside your call analytics, unlocking deeper insights, more comprehensive lead management, and instant call connections—getting your sales team on the phone with leads as soon as they press “submit” on a form.

To make keyword spotting, trend analysis, and lead qualification even easier, add Conversation Intelligence to Call Tracking to automatically transcribe calls, and ultimately, revolutionize your in- and outbound business communications. 

CallRail & ActiveCampaign for growth acceleration

As your company grows, it becomes increasingly difficult to manage calls, customer service, and marketing—and CallRail Call Tracking provides an automated solution to each of these problems. 

CallRail works together with ActiveCampaign to create a powerful customer journey story. ActiveCampaign offers a suite of solutions to help automate your marketing. Integrating with CallRail can add that invaluable piece of phone call and attribution data into your prospects’ off- and online journey.

As you automate the user journey on your site, you’re able to interweave all their ad interactions, phone calls, marketing touchpoints, and so on. The customer interaction data from CallRail enables your team to refocus your marketing budget on the tactics that bring in your best leads—and stop wasting money on the ones that don’t work.

Connect CallRail to ActiveCampaign today 

It’s incredibly easy to get started with your own CallRail account and we have dedicated in-house specialists available to ensure you get the most out of your 14-day free trial. Visit CallRail’s page on the ActiveCampaign app directory to activate the integration today, or sign up here to get started with CallRail for free.

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