ActiveCampaign Acquires Onesend—The Best of All Tools in One Platform for Franchise, Multi-location Brands, and Resellers

Creating 1:1 experiences is one thing when you’re a small business with a few customers. It becomes more challenging as you scale your customer count. It becomes nearly impossible when you open multiple locations.

Until today.

I am proud to announce that ActiveCampaign has acquired Onesend, a suite of tools empowering franchise, multi-location brands, and reseller agencies.

ActiveCampaign’s integration of the Onesend services will provide superior technology and support for resellers, franchise, and multi-location businesses and help them manage email campaigns, automations, and content across multiple accounts simultaneously. Incorporating the Onesend services into ActiveCampaign’s partner portal will provide agencies across the globe with a partner portal that can meet all of their business needs—unifying the best of both tools. 

Joining ActiveCampaign, Onesend brings along: 

  • OnesendHQ: A platform that enables franchise and multi-location brands to create, distribute, and send email and SMS campaigns across multiple customer bases at once
  • Portal Companion: Expanding ActiveCampaign’s existing Partner Portal with richer analytics and detailed account management
  • POSIFiQ: Bringing new point-of-sale integrations to the ActiveCampaign platform

On top of these tools, we’re also welcoming the entire Onesend team into the ActiveCampaign organization. With their combined 20+ years of experience in franchise and multi-location marketing automation, we will be able to accelerate the product roadmap, delivering even greater value to our customers. 

I am more optimistic about the future of ActiveCampaign, the growth that our customers are and will see, and the experiences that they’re providing to all of their customers than ever before.

We are in the process of integrating the Onesend suite of tools into ActiveCampaign, and are hoping to bring them to our partners and customers soon. The addition of Onesend into the platform will make it even simpler for complex, multi-location businesses to deliver exceptional customer experiences at scale—essential to our customers with growing businesses. 

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