Customer Service Follow-Up Message Automation Recipe


The moment you help close a customer support ticket is a great feeling! The problem is solved, the customer is happy, and you're happy.

And now, it's time for the next step: the customer-service follow up message.

Why is a follow-up a good idea?

- It shows that you're there for a customer even when there isn't a problem anymore
- It gives the contact a chance to reopen the conversation if another problem came up
- You can send helpful content resources for future troubleshooting

A customer service follow-up message is an easy and good way to keep the lines of contact communication open and maintain trust between you and your contacts.

You can use the Customer Service Follow-Up Message Automation Recipe to send the follow-up message without needing to remember to do it yourself.

This automation sends follow-up email after one day based on the tags a contact gets. Learn how to use it!

How does the customer service follow-up message automation work?

1. This automation is triggered when a tag is added indicating a customer service ticket is closed. You could apply this tag with a service such as Zapier.
2. Once the automation is triggered, the automation sends out a campaign to ask whether an issue was resolved or unresolved.
3. Set a wait time for after the email sends. This automation currently uses up to 7 days, but you can choose the wait time you want. This "Wait until" action waits until the contact has clicked either the "Resolved" or "Not resolved" link in the campaign "Customer service issue resolved?" before proceeding with the automation.
4. If the contact clicks the "not resolved" link, it will tell your support team to reach out to them, and redirect the contact to a form to collect more information. If they click the "resolved" link, it will remove the tag. You could apply the "Customer service follow-up" tag with Zapier by integrating with your help desk app.
5. The automation ends once the ticket is marked resolved.

What do you need to use the customer service follow-up message automation recipe?

Just an ActiveCampaign account and a contact list!

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