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Abandoned Carts
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Abandoned carts.

About 70% of ecommerce shoppers abandon their cart. Bring customers back to your site to complete checkout with an automated campaign reminding them to complete their purchase or giving them an incentive to do so.

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Reactivation coupons.

Identify inactive customers and reactivate them with a coupon code 1. Send loyalty discounts to your best customers to encourage advocacy and referrals.

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1 Coupon codes must be generated by an ecommerce solution.

Upsell after purchase.

Increase your average order size or order frequency by offering related products post-purchase. Suggest accessory products or similar products and give them a discount for ordering within 12 hours of their purchase.

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Encourage referrals.

Identify and leverage your best customers and raving fans. Make it easy for them to refer others and reward them for their advocacy.

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Customer tagging.

Automatically apply tags to indicate what products customers are interested in so you can send targeted campaigns. After purchase, apply tags to indicate whether a contact is a customer, repeat customer, and whether they've purchased recently.

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Incentivize purchase.

Someone viewing a product multiple times indicates they are considering a purchase. Automatically deliver a coupon1 or limited time offer to encourage a purchase decision.

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1 Coupon codes must be generated by an ecommerce solution.

Get to know your customers.

With ActiveCampaign, you can connect your email marketing with what's happening on your website so that a contact browsing your online store personalizes the marketing they receive. Learn about each customer's product interests and apply interest tags so you can send them only the most relevant offers. This will keep your contact list engaged and improve your conversion rate.

Seamless cross-channel messaging.

Send personalized emails, text messages, and site messages. Keep messages aligned and perfectly timed based on customer insight and behavioral data. Use advanced, multi-conditional segmentation to target customers based on their past purchases, categories and product pages they've viewed, links they've clicked in past campaigns, and more.

Automate sales and fulfillment processes.

Run an efficient, organized sales process and then seamlessly manage and automate order fulfillment behind the scenes using our CRM. Automatically, create deal records, tasks, and then notify key people within your company that they have a new task to complete.

More repeat sales and referrals.

Create automated workflows to keep in touch with your customers and encourage repeat purchases. Automatically reach out when it's time for customers to reorder a consumable, deliver personalized upsell and cross-sell offers, encourage advocacy by incentivizing referrals, and more.

Bring data in from your online store and existing tools.

Power the customer experience throughout the lifecycle with ActiveCampaign as the brain — aggregating and analyzing data
to send perfectly timed, personalized cross-channel messages.

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See how Teton Sports uses ActiveCampaign to grow their ecommerce store.

Teton Sports Story

"ActiveCampaign is a great scalable CRM. I love how I have more control with my email and how wicked simple it is to use. I'd recommend ActiveCampaign to people who want to scale their email marketing efforts without the hefty price tags of other email or CRM platforms."