Fitness: Workout Boot Camp and Weigh-In Automation Recipe


It's hard to find the time to go to the gym, and even harder to find in-person time to check in on fitness progress. Let's face it -- you can't do an in-person check for each one of your contacts.

Instead, automate it! The Workout Boot Camp and Weigh-In Automation Recipe can help you send a fitness progress check-in and help keep your contacts engaged.

This email series is intended for a boot camp or perhaps a monthly class structure without the need to meet in person. It sends out weekly emails with the contact's workouts and then sends a follow-up requesting them to do a weigh-in or check-in of your choosing.

How does the workout boot camp and weigh-in automation work?

Here's how the workout boot camp and weigh-in automation works:

1. Contact enters the automation via trigger: This trigger can be anything, like subscribing to a specific list, adding a tag, or submitting a form. You can adjust this to be what you want.
2. Send a welcome email: This message is to thank your contacts for signing up for the boot camp and set expectations for the upcoming email series.
3. Add a wait time: This wait time allows the contact to spend some time getting prepared with your fitness program. Feel free to adjust this to a specific date for the start of your boot camp or set up a less specific wait for an evergreen boot camp.
4. Begin weekly workout email series: The Workout Week emails should outline what exercises the contact should be doing for the week or where they can get that information.
5. Continue wait times and weekly workout emails: These wait steps are set up to be weekly cycles but feel free to adjust them to whatever you would prefer. You can create as many weekly check-in emails as you need. The check-in emails are a good opportunity for your contact to reach out if they were unable to complete their work-outs or give feedback.

What do you need to use the workout boot camp and weigh-in automation recipe?
Just an ActiveCampaign account and a contact list!

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