Fitness: SMS Client Reminders Automation Recipe


In day-to-day life, people are on the go. Sometimes we forget to check emails, or we silence calendar notifications. This means that a lot of personal training fitness sessions can get skipped, which is the last thing you want your contacts to do.

How do you cut through the daily noise and remind your contacts to continue their fitness journey with you?

Answer: with an automated SMS client reminder. The SMS Client Reminders Automation Recipe makes it easy for you.

On the day of a personal training session, send a reminder SMS to your contacts. It's quick, easy, and harder to ignore than a calendar alarm with an off option.

Pretty soon, your fitness contacts will be seeing a helpful "don't forget to work out!" reminder helping them continue their fitness program and engagement with your business.

Before you import this automation recipe, build a date-based custom field to store the personal training date.

How does the SMS client reminders automation work?

1. Prepare for the automation import Build a date-based custom field with the personal training date that you want to remind someone of.
2. Create a trigger: This trigger uses the date-based custom field that you create with the personal training date to trigger the automation on the day of the session.
3. Automation sends the SMS reminder: You can set up the SMS with personalization tags so that the text feels more specific to the contact. For example, you may want to address the contact by name, mention the trainer's name again, and list the time of the session.

What do you need to use the SMS client reminders automation recipe?

Just an ActiveCampaign account, a custom field, a contact list, and an ActiveCampaign plan of Plus or above.

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