Fitness: Weekly Workout Email Series Automation Recipe


Lots of your fitness contacts are trying to build a regular weekly workout habit, and a lot of them likely run into the same big problem -- motivation.

It's hard to find time to work out, let alone to stay vigilant about how frequently you do it. It would be so nice to have a concrete, regularly-scheduled reminder to better the chances of establishing a weekly workout routine.

And guess what -- there is an easy way to help your contacts build regular weekly workout routines while making less work for your business. It's the Weekly Workout Email Series Automation Recipe!

How does this help you and your contacts?

- Your contacts get an automated reminder with a weekly workout plan at the beginning of the week (plus, an automated follow-up at the week's end) so they don't have to remember to motivate themselves
- You save time to focus on other tasks knowing that your contacts automatically get what they need to stay engaged with your business

With this automation recipe, life gets so much easier for both you and your clients. A quick recipe import and your contacts are on their way to building a regular weekly workout routine.

How does the weekly workout email series automation work?

Here's how the weekly workout email series automation works:

1. Send a Prep Email: This is the message your contacts get letting them know what to expect from your weekly emails and welcome them to your program. This is the only campaign that is not weekly
2. Wait Time: This is a suggestion of a specific send time. Feel free to adjust this to when you would want to send out your weekly email. The automation waits until the following first Monday to begin the rest of the email series.
3. Send Beginning of the Week Email: This is the first of 2 weekly emails that you'll send in this automated email series. This first email tells your contacts about the upcoming week's workout. You can use conditional content to have one campaign target contacts with different goals.
4. Send End of the Week Email: This is the second weekly email to your contacts that checks in to see if they completed their workout goals for the week.
5. Go to Next Action: This Go-To action sends contacts who make it to the wait step that will wait until your chosen time to send out that week's workouts.

NOTE: Each week, you can alter the beginning of the week's email to update it with any new details for the upcoming weekly workout. Alternatively, it can be an evergreen workout email with your weekly regiment that doesn't change.

What do you need to use the weekly workout email series automation recipe?

Just an ActiveCampaign account and a contact list!

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