WooCommerce Course Purchased + Course Onboarding Automation


This new member welcome and onboarding automation consists of 7 pre-written emails that you can send after a new customer has purchased a course or membership program through your WooCommerce store.

The automation is triggered when a membership tag is applied using Memberium's WooCommerce integration for ActiveCampaign.

The automation sends out a welcome email to new customers immediately after they buy your course or membership program through your WooCommerce store. After they'll be sent six pre-written onboarding emails reminding them to finish the full course they just purchased. This helps make a strong first impression with new customers and follow up with them to make sure they finish the course they bought.

It's a great way to help make sure more of your members get started on the right foot, get better results with your program, and end up purchasing more future products from you.

Once the automation is imported, all you need to do is fill in the blanks in a few key spots by just adding your course or program name, make a few minor tweaks by following our instructions and you can use this automation for your own online course or membership site!

This automation can be used for any online course or membership program that you're selling through WooCommerce and Memberium for ActiveCampaign.

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