Webinar Follow Up Email


Do you host webinars? Do you have a system for sending webinar follow up emails? Are you developing your email marketing strategy to include webinars?

The "Webinar Follow-Up Email" automation recipe takes care of the webinar follow up process by sending a post event email sequence.

This automation recipe lets you:

- Send a webinar recap to your registrants
- Provide attendees with a recording of the webinar
- Ask for feedback from attendees
- See if your attendees have questions
- Notify your subscribers about upcoming events or upcoming webinars
- Link to a landing page or download
- Include a related call-to-action (CTA)

Before importing this automation recipe into your ActiveCampaign account:

- Integrate ActiveCampaign with your current webinar hosting tool
- Create a date-based custom contact field for "Webinar Date"

Here's how the automation recipe works:

1. The automation is triggered the day after a contact attends a webinar (Note: this information is pulled from the date-based contact field you created above, or could also be linked through your webinar tool integration)
2. The automation sends an automated follow up email thanking them for attending. You can also add a webinar recap, CTA, download link, or any relevant content
3. The automation waits 1 day
4. The automation sends a final webinar follow-up email and could include an upcoming events schedule, product discount, or anything that makes sense for your business.
5. The automation ends

Note: You can add additional webinar follow up emails to the sequence if you'd like, as well as change the wait step in between each follow-up email.

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