Update Account Owner When Tag is Added


Tagging is a powerful tool in your marketing automation toolkit. You can set up tags for when contacts take certain actions, attend events, and engage with your business. Did you know you can make them even more powerful by creating a follow-up for when the tag is added?

This automation updates the account owner and adds an account note when a contact has a specified tag added. You could denote attendance at an event one of your sales team spoke at, send an account to your top sales person when they’re unengaged, and more.

Here’s how Update Account Owner When Tag is Added works:
1. The automation is triggered when the contact has the specified tag added.
2. The contact arrives at an update account owner step.
3. The contact then comes to an add account note step, providing the new account owner with information around the tag that’s been added.
4. The automation ends.

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