Ultimate Evergreen Funnel by Deadline Funnel

Deadline Funnel

Using this automation you can quickly create unique, individual deadlines for each of your subscribers.

So let's say you have a 5-day evergreen funnel set up...

Someone signs up on Monday, April 4th. Their unique deadline is created by Deadline Funnel and set to five days later...

Saturday, April 9th...

And because of this automation, their contact record in Active Campaign also stores "Saturday, April 9th" as a custom field.

See how that works?

And if someone signed up on Tuesday, April 5th, their contact record would store "Sunday, April 10th."

Etc, etc.

Now you can use that unique deadline text in your emails to subscribers by simply including a placeholder for "deadlinetext" in your emails.

Which means you have an authentic evergreen funnel in place, that works across any device or network, protects your sales pages, and integrates with ActiveCampaign. Boom!

As a bonus, we've also included eight emails for a 5-day evergreen funnel... written and ready to go!

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