Fitness: Target Weight Achieved Automation Recipe


How does it feel to reach a fitness goal? Pretty great!

If you know that you appreciate congratulations when you reach a goal, it's a safe bet that your fitness program contacts do too.

How do you acknowledge the success of your contacts while continuing to motivate them forward through your fitness program?

Easy -- with automation.

You can use the Target Weight Achieved Automation Recipe to reward your contacts for achieving their goals with your fitness program.

When a contact meets their goal weight, send them a congratulations email!

Since this is a major milestone, you may want to offer them a deal, give them a chance to re-evaluate their goals, and discuss the next steps in their fitness goals. A notification is also sent to your team to notify them so they can take whatever steps you would like to celebrate.

How does the target weight achieved automation work?

Here's how the target weight achieved automation recipe works:

1. Contact reaches a target weight accomplishment and triggers the automation: This trigger could be set to however you measure a contact's target weight accomplishment or achieving another specific goal. The trigger, like adding a tag or updating a field, is based on a deal reaching a stage after they achieve a fitness goal. Feel free to adjust this trigger accordingly.
2. Send congratulatory goal weight loss achievement email: This is an email message to your contact to congratulate them on reaching their fitness milestone. This is a big step so you may want to enhance your congratulatory message with a special deal offer or a helpful list of next steps for another fitness goal.
3. Notify a team member to send a next steps message: Send this notification to the person on your team who will be reaching out to the contact to set new goals. If you're using a deal, you can use %DEAL_OWNER_EMAIL% to auto-populate and send it to their deal owner.

What do you need to use the target weight achieved automation recipe?
Just an ActiveCampaign account and a contact list!

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