Survicate: Deliver Personalized Content to Contacts

- With this automation you can discover what your contacts would like to read about next, what are their pain points, and deliver personalized content to them

How it works:
- Run a survey with Survicate asking your prospects, users or contacts "What's your biggest paint point" or "What would you like to read about next"?
- The Survicate and ActiveCampaign integrations lets you send their survey responses to ActiveCampaign as a contact field:
- So, if someone responds "Cash flow" to your survey, you could send the following contact field to ActiveCampaign: "Pain-Point-Cash-Flow".
- Then, if the contact field is added, the automation will be triggered. You just need to have personalized content in place to send to your leads.

Detailed instructions are available in the import wizard.

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