Successful Purchase and Membership Welcome plus Access Delivery with ActiveMember360


Nothing sounds sweeter than a seamless registration process!

With this automation your client will purchase your membership and seamlessly be welcomed into your portal through a simple welcome message + access to membership email. Your client will receive both a username and an auto generated password to their inbox. All you need to do is give your clients a heads up on the Thank You Page saying something along the lines of “Please wait 5 mins for your email with your access details”.

This automation will increase uptake and improve acceptance of your membership platform by removing any unnecessary friction points in your current process.

Go ahead, import this automation into your Activecampaign account and enjoy seamless membership registration!

About Us
Activerelay is an Activecampaign specific eCommerce platform generating simple yet sexy checkout pages while relaying in-depth data between Activerelay and Activecampaign to create a seamless client experience and data-driven approach for users.

About Activemember360
Activemember360 is an ActiveCampaign specific Wordpress plugin to manage your users and securities of your membership portals, harnessing the power of tags and custom fields.

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