Subscription cancellation request feedback & customer win back


Winning back clients who cancel a subscription is one of the most satisfying feelings, so we've created an automation to make it easy!

With this automation you'll implement a simple leaving questionnaire so you can improve your product or service. The kicker is you'll offer a win back discount for your lost client to use within a specific timeframe.

This automation will increase your retention and ultimately your profitability as a client who takes the time to answer feedback requests shows a willingness to be persuaded.

Go ahead import this automation into your Activecampaign account and start winning back clients.

About Us
Activerelay is an Activecampaign specific eCommerce platform generating simple yet sexy checkout pages while relaying in-depth data between Activerelay and Activecampaign to create a seamless client experience and data-driven approach for users.

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