Stop Asking After They Say YES

Emily Levy

When someone purchases a product (or downloads a free product) you offer, the considerate thing to do is to stop offering it to them. This automation will automate that process for you.

This automation requires use of another automation in order to work. Please import the automation called "Make a Juicy Offer" first, then return here.

This automation adds subscribers to a special list that will be used only for this automation, stops the Make a Juicy Offer email series, and unsubscribes contacts from that list before the automation completes. It includes a spot where you can easily add an upsell email if you have an additional offer to make to people who bought or claimed your first offer.

This pair of automations was inspired by DigitalMarketer's "Machine" program, an intricate and highly effective automated followup system that can be built for you inside your ActiveCampaign account. As a Certified Partner of DigitalMarketer I'm authorized to build your Machine or teach you to build it yourself. Request a complimentary consultation to explore how I can support you to grow your business using ActiveCampaign and the resources from DigitalMarketer. Copywriting services are also available.

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