Send SMS text message appointment reminders


Use this automated workflow from MessageMedia to reduce no-shows and remind prospects and customers of upcoming appointments.

With this recipe, you can set up automated SMS reminders for customer appointments. Notify them a week before and the day of their appointment to ensure they show up. Customize your automation timing and messages based on your organization's needs.

Reduce the costs associated with no-shows and improve the customer experience by sending quick SMS reminders.

Use our pre-built appointment reminder SMS templates to get started:
Template Option #1
Hi [NAME], this is a friendly reminder for your upcoming appointment on [DATE] at [TIME] with [COMPANY] in [LOCATION]. To reschedule, call [PHONE #]. Text STOP to opt out.

Template Option #2
Hi [NAME], this is [COMPANY]. We look forward to seeing you for your appointment today at [TIME]. To reschedule, call [PHONE #]. Text STOP to opt out.

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