Send Reward Upon Referral


When contacts refer their circles to your business, they are rewarding you with new business. Why not reward them in kind?

Word of mouth and peer approval are powerful marketing tools that can't be budgeted for or purchased. It happens when a contact enjoys your product so much that they advocate for it to their social circles. Rewarding these contacts shows that their business and support matters to you.

This automation uses Xoxoday Plum's powerful integration with ActiveCampaign to send a reward to your contact. The automation is triggered when the contact forwards your specified referral email.

Here's how this automation works:
1. The contact enters the automation when they forward your specified email.
2. The contact reaches the CX Apps Xoxoday Plum action and a specified reward is sent to the contact.

Note: Feel free to adjust the conditions to receive the reward, such as checking to see if the referral resulted in a new purchase, and customize the reward amount.

Note: In our example, we use a specified referral email in the trigger, but you can adjust this and segment the trigger to whatever makes sense for your business.

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