Send Notification When Deal Owner Changes


Deals change over time. And changing information necessitates changing needs. Sometimes a deal needs to be handed to a new owner because information has been updated, the previous owner is no longer available, and more. One pitfall to avoid though is miscommunication.

This automation sends your deal’s new owner a notification with all the deal’s information and further instructions. This is triggered by their deal owner changing.

Here’s how Send Notification When Deal Owner Changes works;
1. The automation is triggered when a deal’s owner is updated.
2. The contact arrives at a notification step and a notification email is sent to the new owner. You can use personalization tags to pull in any needed information about the new deal.
3. The automation ends.

Note: Feel free to build out more actions or messages to make this automation your own.

Note: Pairing this recipe with our Assign Task When Deal Owner Changes recipe created a notification and a task to reach out, closing your loop for the change.

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