Send New Blog Posts Automation Recipe


You publish some great content on your blog, and you want your list subscribers to know about it.

Naturally! How do you send new blog posts to your subscribers without creating a new email every time?

There's an automation recipe for that -- the send new blog posts automation recipe.

This automation recipe automatically sends new blog posts with an RSS feed to automatically send out a new blog post email when your feed is updated.

And not just one blog -- if you want, you can set it to send every 5 new blog posts, or however many you want.

And you can customize this automation to automatically send a new blog email whenever you want -- just name the time, day, and subscribers.

How does the send new blog posts automation work?

Here's how to send a new blog email with automation.

1. Pull your RSS feed from your blogging platform.
2. Click on the start trigger box that says "RSS feed [LINK]" and insert your RSS feed link. Then adjust your other settings like how often the RSS checks for new posts, and how often to send a new blog posts email. You can also select who you want to receive it, either all contacts or a segmented group of contacts, such as those with a tag of Blog Subscribers or those on a list for Blog Members. You can add additional conditions here if you want to.
3. Alternatively, you could add your blog subscribers to a list called "Blog subscribers" and then create a condition that checks whether the contact is on that list.
4. Click the Send New Blog Email box and then click Create New Email to create your campaign. Design it for your brand. Ensure you use an RSS content block so that your new blog posts show up in the email. You can decide things like how many posts are shown and other design elements using the RSS content block. You can choose to have this blog send immediately, or use Predictive Sending to send at the most optimal time.

What do you need to use this send new blog posts automation recipe?

Just an ActiveCampaign account, an RSS feed, and a segmented contact list!

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