Send a 1:1 Email When Form is Submitted


At what point in the marketing process does your sales process begin? Trick question! Your sales process should be kicking off once your contact expresses interest. Say by, I don’t know, submitting a form.

This automation sends a 1:1 email and creates a deal for a contact, if they don’t already have one, when the contact submits a form. This is a quick, easy way to have a gentle nudge from your sales team early on in the process and provides your contact an outlet to ask questions and clear up any confusion.

Here’s how Send a 1:1 Email When Form is Submitted works:
1. The contact enters the automation when they submit a form. You can have this be any form or set a specific form in the trigger.
2. The contact arrives at an If/Else action to see if they have a deal record.
3. If they do, they go down the Yes path and arrive at a one hour wait step.
4. After the wait step, they arrive at a send 1:1 email step that will send your contact an email from your personal inbox and then exit the automation.
5. If they don’t have a deal record, they’ll go down the No path and arrive at an add deal action, creating a deal.
6. They’ll then move to a go to action, moving them to the wait step in step 3 and finishing out the automation as usual.

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