Automated Segmentation for Salesforce Contacts


How can you send relevant messaging to email contacts based on their current status in the customer journey? Your messaging to customers and prospects should change as they go through their own customer journey.

Your contacts take actions, make purchases, and engage with your content. Throughout their life cycle, they change lists and customer segments multiple times based on the actions they take. This workflow lets you automate that based on their information in Salesforce.

With this automation you can:

- Send your email contacts relevant information based on their customer segment
- Automatically segment your salesforce contacts
- Align marketing messaging and email content with your sales process

You can also automatically add a contact to a list based on:
- Customer status
- Product purchases
- Membership start date
- Custom field data
- Qualifying actions
- Lead status
- Email activity and engagement
- Lead source

Before importing this automation, create a custom field for how you will determine what list the contact should be in in both ActiveCampaign and Salesforce. Then use your ActiveCampaign integration for Salesforce to map these fields together to sync between platforms.

Here's how this automation works:

1. Use the mapped custom field in the automation "If/Else fields" to segment the contact
2. When a contact's value in the mapped custom field changes, the contact enters the automation
3. The automation puts each contact through a series of "If/Else statements" to match the custom field value
4. Once the automation matches the contact's custom field value with an "If/Else statement" the contact moves down the "Yes" path, identifying which list the contact should now be subscribed to
5. The automation adds the contact to the appropriate list based on the custom field data, and removes the contact from the lists that no longer pertain to the contact
6. The contact then exits the automation

Contacts shouldn't switch lists frequently, so make sure the custom field you are syncing corresponds to major actions and decisions the contact takes.

A good example is membership status. A contact may stay at their current membership status for a year or more before upgrading, downgrading, or ending their membership. You want to make sure they are receiving relevant communication and messaging for their segment.

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