Salesforce Deal Owner Sync


Do you wish there was a way to ensure each deal is being handled by the same team or same person? Avoid miscommunication and mishandling of potential customers with this sales workflow automation.

If you have multiple systems moving at once, it's vital to make sure the deal is being handled by the same team or even the same person. Consistency in the sales process is critical for win probability as well as overall customer experience.

This workflow allows you to:

- Sync the deal owner information for a deal from Salesforce to ActiveCampaign
- Align your sales and marketing tools
- Create consistency and simplify reporting processes
- Keep your sales team on the same page about which salesperson owns a given deal
- Remove the possibility of 2 sales reps reaching out to the same sales lead
- Create a streamlined process of assigning deal ownership for your sales or marketing teams in both platforms

Before importing this automation, create a custom field for "Deal Owner" in both ActiveCampaign and Salesforce. Then use your ActiveCampaign integration for Salesforce to map these fields together to sync between platforms.

Here's how this automation works:

1. Once the custom fields are built, import the automation into your ActiveCampaign account.
2. Choose the ActiveCampaign"Deal Owner" custom field you just created as the field to trigger the automation. It should be set from any value to any value
3. You'll also use this field in the "If/Else statements" so that when a contact enters the automation, they move forward until they meet the conditions of an If/Else
4. Set up the deal owner that each pathway should lead to based on the "If/Else Yes" path they are under
5. Once the deal owner has been assigned, the contact will leave the automation

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