Sales Engagement Threading: Prospect Outreach


Every good salesperson will tell you that you need a good outreach series to new prospects to inform them about your business and build interest. With our new sales engagement threading feature, it’s easier than ever to ensure you create a prospect outreach flow without clogging up your contact’s inbox. And at any time, if the contact responds directly, they’ll leave the automation and be talking directly to their deal owner on your team.

This automation sends a small series of emails to your new leads when their stage in your pipeline changes. A goal checks for the contact to respond and, if they do, they’ll be removed from the automation for a conversation with your sales team. Because they’re all in the same thread, the emails will just be sent as responses to each other. Before importing, set up your sales pipeline.

Here’s how Sales Engagement Threading: Prospect Outreach works:

1. This automation is triggered when a contact’s deal stage changes
2. They are then sent the first email in your series.
3. They’ll wait for five days at a wait step before moving on.
4. The contact will arrive at an If/Else action, checking if they have clicked on a link or responded to the previous email. If they have, they’ll exit the automation. If they haven’t, they’ll continue on.
5. The contact is sent your second email in the series.
6. A goal step is below this last email to check if the contact responds at any point during the automation. If they do, they exit the automation immediately. If they reach this step and have not responded, they still exit the automation.

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