Response to Refund Request Email


Do you have a process for how to handle a customer requesting a refund? How do you respond to a refund request email?

The "Event: Response to Refund Request Email" automation recipe helps with creating a consistent customer service email response to customers requesting a refund. Once a refund is requested, you can use email automation for customer service and send an "email received confirmation" reply.

Strong customer service is a leading factor for customer retention, and automated customer service emails help with immediate response and customer reassurance that you received their refund request and will respond soon.

Before importing this automation recipe into your ActiveCampaign account:

- Create a tag for contacts that request a refund
- (Optional) Create an ActiveCampaign form (or a landing page with a compatible landing page builder) for requesting refunds and embed it on your website. When a contact submits the form, add a "form action" that applies a "Refund Requested" tag to the contact

Here's how the automation works:

1. The automation is triggered when the "Refund Requested" tag is added to a contact
2. (Optional) The automation is triggered when a contact submits your Refund Request form
3. The automation sends an email confirming that you received the contact's refund request
4. The automation sends a notification to let you know a contact has requested a refund (NOTE: you can set the email address that is notified to any user of your ActiveCampaign account)
5. The automation waits for 3 days
6. The automation sends a "Refund Request Follow-Up" email
7. The automation ends


- The notification (step 4) in the automation is designed to ensure that your customer service team is made aware of each refund request
- The contact's information can be included in the notification email if you want to email/call the contact directly
- The wait step (step 5) can be changed to any length of time you prefer, and is designed to give you enough time to evaluate each request, and decide on a case-by-case basis when to give a refund, or how to handle each customer requesting a refund

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