QuickEmailVerification: Verify emails to eliminate email bounces and improve ROI.


The quality of your mailing list is one of the most important factors that decide whether your email marketing campaigns will achieve great results. Poor quality email lists lead to a number of hard bounce, which can damage your email deliverability and sender reputation in the long run.

Which is why it’s important to keep your email lists clean and make sure there are no invalid or poor quality email contacts on your list. Email verification is the process of validating each individual email address on your mailing list and checking if the email address is deliverable.

At QuickEmailVerification, we use a series of tests under a proprietary algorithm to check if the email address is valid. At the end of the email verification process, you will see your email contacts will have a tag of the result.

As explained in the document and the recipe, if the email address is ‘Valid’, you can set the condition to send a welcome email to the contact. On the other hand, if the email address is found ‘Invalid’ or ‘Disposable’, a tag “Invalid” will be attached to the email address.

There are numerous benefits of email verification and validation. By sending emails only to valid email addresses, you can bring down hard bounce to practically zero. You will be able to reduce your email marketing costs by not sending emails to invalid emails. Besides, by eliminating hard bounce, you protect your sender reputation.

Also, by using a verified email list for your campaigns, you will achieve a better ROI. Finally, your engagement will only be with genuine, verified email contacts, so all the insights and analytics you generate will be fully reliable.

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