Prospecting with 1:1 Email Reply Goal


Automated 1:1 Email is a powerful tool that allows you to send prospecting emails at scale. Help your sales team communicate with the right prospects at exactly the right time, using the power combination of 1:1 Email and Goals.

This automation sends a series of 1:1 emails from the deal owner to the primary contact on their deal. The goal at the bottom is set to exit contacts from the automation when they reply to an email, allowing for the deal owner to follow up more personally. Before importing, ensure your pipeline and 1:1 email are set up.

Here’s how Prospecting with 1:1 Email Reply Goal works:
1. The automation is triggered when a deal moves to your Prospect stage in your pipeline from any other stage.
2. The contact is sent a 1:1 email from their deal owner.
3. The contact waits in a 1 day wait step.
4. The contact is sent a second 1:1 email from their deal owner.
5. A goal step is checking throughout the automation if the contact replies to one of the emails. If they do, they’ll be automatically pulled to this step, skipping any steps in between.
6. The contact exits the automation.

Note: This automation is perfect to customize to your sales process. You can add a tag, move the deal stage again, or other actions once a deal has responded to you.

Note: You can freely adjust the wait time to what makes sense for your business.

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