Postmark: Welcome Notification


We’ve all seen well-designed welcome emails from a marketing team, promising a coupon or roadmapping an entire onboarding journey for us once we’ve signed up for a new mailing list. But transactional welcome emails are great too! They can be a no frills way to greet people and provide valuable links without distraction.

This automation is triggered when a contact is subscribed to your master list. They are then sent a Postmark email welcoming them to your list. Before importing this recipe, you’ll need to integrate your Postmark account and design your campaign in the Templates section of ActiveCampaign.

Here’s how Postmark: Welcome Notification works:
1. The contact enters the automation when they are subscribed to your master list.
2., The contact arrives at a “Send a transactional email” step and is sent a transactional email.
3. The contact exits the automation.

Note: Feel free to build out more actions and messages to make this automation your own.

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