Pipedrive: Create a record when a lead score threshold is met


How do you know when a contact is ready to be a lead?

Sending offers to your contact base at all times would negatively impact your list health and sales total. But never sending the offer means piquing people's interest but not capitalizing on the moment they're ready to buy, losing out on the sale. Lead Scoring can help you find the perfect moment to send the offer.

Using ActiveCampaign's native integration with Pipedrive, this automation creates a record when the contact reaches a lead score threshold. This automation sends hot leads who have taken actions indicating they are interested in purchasing to your CRM so your Sales team can close the deal.

Here's how this automation works:
1. The contact reaches the score threshold set in the trigger, which you can customize
2. The contact's record in Pipedrive is created or updated

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