Phase 3: Ascension Series (Import 6th)

Todd Molloy

This is one part of a 6 part automation series that all work together as a complete system. It is based on the "Invisible Selling Machine" concept made popular by DigitalMarketer.

This automation is "Phase 3" the Ascension Series. It should be imported 6th.

For every offer you make to your audience, there is some percentage of buyers that would buy more. And that’s why every buyer you acquire through an Engagement email series should receive an Ascension Series email immediately after their initial purchase.

It also includes logic to:
- stop the engagement series if they purchase the product.
- skip the ascension email if they already purchased your additional product

This automation can be imported multiple times and you want to have 1 ascension series for each product you sell.

The automation is setup with a series of 3 follow-up emails following the "Gain, Logic, Fear" sequence. You can use these emails as a guide but they will need to be updated to suit your business and include links to your website where relevant.

Invisible Selling Machine Series
Phase 5: Re-engagement Campaign (import 1st)
Logic 1: Engagement Tagging (import 2nd)
Logic 2: Engagement Start (import 3rd)
Phase 1: Indoctrination Series (import 4th)
Phase 2: Engagement Series (import 5th)
Phase 3: Ascension Series (import 6th)

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