Patreon Membership Welcome And Onboarding


Many creators and businesses rely on membership sites like Patreon to stay afloat and bring in income. Usually for a monthly subscription fee, contacts get a look behind the scenes, special deals, or other offers that make this a great deal for both parties. Ensure you’re marketing to your members differently than your wider contact base with this automation.

This automation subscribes contacts to a specific membership list and sends a welcome email, letting new members know what to expect. It’s triggered when contact fill out your membership form, but feel free to adjust this to however you track new members joining.

Here’s how Patreon Membership Welcome And Onboarding works:
1. Contacts enter the automation when they submit your membership sign-up form.
2. The contact then arrives at a subscribe to list step and becomes subscribed to your membership list.
3. The contact then comes to a send email step, getting sent an email welcoming them to your membership program.
4. The contact exits the automation.

Note: Feel free to build out more actions and messages to make this automation your own.

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