Part 1: Engagement Tagging Automation Recipe


Your business has multiple contacts, which means it's literally impossible for you to individually track the progress of each one. That would mean you would have to:

- Check their email opens
- Check their email link clicks
- Check their purchases
- Check what web pages they've visited

And you'd have to do that for every single contact. Potentially hundreds or thousands of. Who has time for that?

You don't need to make time, because we automate that. The Engagement Tagging Automation Recipe helps keep the engagement status of each contact updated throughout their customer lifetime.

As a customer engages, stays recently active, or becomes completely inactive, this automation tags them accordingly.

This automation works in 2 parts, so be sure to import Part 1 and Part 2 for it to function.

How does the engagement tagging automation work?

1. This automation has no start trigger. Instead, you will bulk add all initial contacts after building out the automation.
2. The automation waits periods of 7 days, 21 days, and more between status checks and assigns tags as a contact becomes less engaged. You can adjust wait times as you prefer.
3. The automation ends until they engage again.

NOTE: Optional -- you can build a "subscribes to list" trigger for any new contacts to add them to this automation.

NOTE: Some of these tags may trigger other automation to help re-engage your contacts, like a re-engagement campaign automation or a feedback survey for inactive users.

NOTE: This is an "always-on" automation, and everyone starts out as Engaged. Over time, a contact naturally becomes less engaged until they take an action to re-engage. Part 2 continuously checks for a contact to re-engage. Once a contact makes an action to re-engage, they start the process over as an engaged contact.

What do you need to use the engagement tagging automation recipe?

Just an ActiveCampaign account, Part 2, and a contact list!

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