PandaDoc: Check Signature Status After A Week


Automating your sales pipeline doesn’t just save you time and money, it helps ensure that every step occurs without a hitch. Keeping track of who’s signed their needed paperwork and then spending time tracking down the signature is timely and exhausting. This automation uses our PandaDoc integration to keep track of a signature request and follow-up accordingly.

This automation is triggered when a PandaDoc document is updated as in progress. If after a week, the signature request is still in progress, the automation sends out a message to the contact, reminding them to sign, and creates a task for the deal owner to reach out.

Here’s how PandaDoc: Reminder To Sign works:
1. The contact enters the automation when they have a PandaDoc document updated as “in progress”.
2. The contact arrives at a wait step and waits for a week.
3. The contact then comes to an If/Else statement, checking if the signature request is still in progress.
4. If yes, the contact moves to an “add task” action, creating a task to call the deal.
6. If not, the contact exits the automation.

Note: You will connect your ActiveCampaign account and PandaDoc account within the automation and set up the parameters of what document is being signed.

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