Pages: Product Announcement Flow


You've got a great product coming but you can't share the details yet, how do you market it?

The answer is with a great landing page letting people know something important is coming and allowing them to sign up to be the first to hear about it. This drives engagement for the second your product is ready to go, lets you get an idea of how many potential customers you will have as you start, and allows for you to control the flow of information.

Using ActiveCampaign's Pages functionality, you can automate the product announcement flow. Contacts will sign up, get a thank you email for their interest, and then wait until the exact time you specify to get your exciting announcement email.

Here's how this automation works:
1. The contact enters the automation by gaining a tag from submitting the form on your ActiveCampaign landing page.
2. The contact is subscribed to the list you specify.
3. The contact receives your thank you email.
4. The contact is held at a time and dated based wait step until the time you specify.
5. The contact is sent your product announcement email.

Note: Your landing page you create in ActiveCampaign will have a unique tag that follows the format "activecampaign-pages-[page name goes here]". You will need to adjust the tag in the trigger to the tag your form generates.

Note: Feel free to build out as many emails and other actions as you need for your membership onboarding.

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