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What's a great method for lead generation?

A lead magnet! You offer to send new contacts a piece of thought leadership, a guide, or a free course around something they're interested in. This is a natural starting point for a contact to get to know your brand, opt-in, and start engaging.

Using ActiveCampaign's Pages functionality, you can automate the delivery of this gated lead magnet to your new contact and subscribe them to the appropriate lists. Create a breathtaking landing page that explains the piece of gated content the contact will receive and have a form for them to opt-in.

Here's how this automation works:
1. The contact enters the automation by gaining a tag from submitting the form on your ActiveCampaign landing page.
2. The contact is subscribed to the list you specify.
3. The contact is sent the lead magnet.

Note: Your landing page you create in ActiveCampaign will have a unique tag that follows the format "activecampaign-pages-[page name goes here]". You will need to adjust the tag in the trigger to the tag your form generates.

Note: You can use the Dropbox integration to include PDFs directly on your campaigns to host your gated content. This option can be found in the Personalization menu of the campaign.

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