Pages: Deal Creation


How can a contact tell you simply that they are considering buying your product?

By opting in to your amazing landing page for more information about your product. This is an ideal time to create a deal record and start tracking the data they have provided via the form on your landing page. Then your sales team can get started on the right foot with personalized data!

Using ActiveCampaign's Pages functionality, you can automate the process of creating a deal record and assign the deal owner their first task of reaching out. Feel free to add deal field syncing actions if you're capturing any data on your form that you want to be available on the deal record.

Here's how this automation works:
1. The contact enters the automation by gaining a tag from submitting the form on your ActiveCampaign landing page.
2. The contact has a deal record created by the "add a deal" action.
3. The contact reached the "add a task" action and a task is assigned to the deal owner to reach out to the contact.

Note: Your landing page you create in ActiveCampaign will have a unique tag that follows the format "activecampaign-pages-[page name goes here]". You will need to adjust the tag in the trigger to the tag your form generates.

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