Offer Delivery & Sales Engagement Series

Jena Apgar

This automation is to deliver a download or other free offer. There are 4 emails. The first delivers the free offer and adds them to a deal as a potential client. The next three utilize gain, logic and fear to engage potential clients to purchase your product or schedule an appointment for a consultation.

This automation is designed to use with Indoctrination Series emails for new subscribers and to be followed up with re-engagment series for those that don't meet the goal. These are not NEEDED, but compliment it well.

Email are completely written with Mad Lib style writing prompts for you to add your product/service, all are included in the automation. they are designed to be generic so they can be easily edited and placed on the back of any offer.

This automations is inspired by DigitalMarketer's "Machine" program, an intricate and highly effective automated followup system that can be built for you inside your ActiveCampaign account. As a DigitalMarketer Certified Partner, we are authorized and uniquely able to build your ActiveCampaign Machine for your business.

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