Notify On Long Term Contact Anniversary


How do you greet an old friend? Why not celebrate your time with contacts or customers the same way?

Contacts who have spent a significant amount of time with you have grown a familiarity with your brand and helped your business grow into what it is today. Treating this time with a small celebration is a great way to memorialize your time together. Maybe you send a personalized greeting, a discount, or a fun piece of branded swag, but, whatever you do, the first step is letting your team know.

This automation sends a notification email to your team to notify them when an important anniversary is coming up so they can take action. A date based trigger is used in conjunction with a custom date field for storing the date, such as a join date or first purchase date, and segmented to ensure the contact's date is past a certain threshold.

Here's how this automation works:
1. The automation is triggered a month before the contact's anniversary and the date field meets the segmentation criteria.
2. The contact then moves to a notification action and a message is sent to the emails you specify letting them know the anniversary is coming up.

Note: This trigger should be set up to activate based on an important anniversary to the contact. In our example, we have it set up to trigger 1 month before the contact's Join date, which is stored in a date based custom field

Note: The trigger is then further segmented with a condition checking if the same custom date field is before a certain time. In our example, we do this by using the condition of "Join date is on or before current date minus 761". This has been done to check for if the contact's anniversary date is two years or more before the current date. Feel free to adjust this to a time that makes sense for your business.

Note: Use personalization tags in the notification message to pull in important contact information.

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