Event: Email Sequence for Members and Non-Members


How do you promote your membership program? Do you offer membership incentives for upcoming events or rewards? How do you use a membership program to increase ticket sales via email?

The "Event: Email Sequence for Members and Non-Members" lets you sell tickets or products through email, send event information, and promote your membership program

This automation recipe helps you:

- Offer exclusive benefits to members
- Grant early access to members for ticket sales
- Increase program membership
- Sell tickets through email for members and non-members
- Announce upcoming events or product offerings
- Develop loyalty and rewards programs

Before importing this automation recipe into your ActiveCampaign account, create a contact list for your members.

Here's how the automation recipe works:

1. This automation recipe has no set start trigger, The automation begins when you manually add a contact, or a list of contacts, to the automation (NOTE: you can change the automation trigger to anything that works best for your process)
2. The automation checks each contact in the automation to see if they are a member (exist on your Membership Contact List)
3. If yes, the automation sends an event announcement email and a "Sneak peek of the upcoming event"
4. The automation waits for 3 days
5. The automation sends an "Early bird pricing and tickets" email to your members
6. The automation waits for 1 week
7. The automation sends a reminder email to encourage your members to purchase tickets
8. The automation waits for up to 1 week or until a contact purchases tickets.
9. If a member does not purchase tickets, the automation ends.
10. If a member purchases tickets, they achieve the "Bought Tickets" automation goal and receive a "Thank you for purchasing tickets" email
11. The automation waits until the day of the event and sends an email with helpful or necessary information about the event
12. The automation waits 1 day
13. The automation sends a "Thank you for attending the event" email
14. The automation ends.
15. If no, the automation waits for 2 days (Note: this wait step is in place to give your members exclusive early access to the event announcement or product launch and to provide an incentive for non-members to become members. You can change this wait step to any length of time that makes sense for your business)
16. The automation sends an email invitation to become a member, as well as the event announcement
17. The automation waits for 1 day and checks to see the membership status for each contact
18. If yes, the contact moves to Step 5 of this automation
19. If no, the automation waits 1 day and sends an email notifying non-members that tickets are on sale (Note: in this example, non-member ticket access occurs 4 days after member access)
20. The automation sends the contact to Step 6 of this automation


- We use automation goals for "Bought Tickets" and "Day of Event" in this example to ensure that contacts receive a "ticket purchase confirmation" email, "day of event" email, and "thanks for attending" email only if they have purchased tickets for the event
- You can include a membership welcome email or a "welcome new members" message at step 16 for contacts who convert and become new members

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