Marketing Nurture


A contact is interested in your business…but they’re not ready to buy just yet. Maybe it’s doubt, maybe they have questions, or maybe they just want to know more about your business. No matter the reason, these contacts need to be reached out to, to start a dialogue, to warm them up.

This automation warms up a new lead when someone submits a form on your website with a short email series. Create a new deal to pass to sales once the lead score reaches the threshold you set.

Here’s how Marketing Nurture works:
1. The automation is triggered when a contact subscribes to one of your lists, usually by submitting a form.
2. The first lead nurture email is sent.
3. The contact arrives at a wait step for 6 days.
4. The second lead nurture email is sent.
5. The contact arrives at another wait step and waits for 6 days.
6. The final lead nurture email is sent.
7. The contact arrives at another wait step and waits for 6 days.
8. The contact then arrives at an If/Else step to check if they have met or exceeded the contact score point threshold.
9. If they have, they go down the yes path and have a new deal created for them.
10. If they haven’t, they go down the no path and are entered into a specified automation via an enter other automation step. You should choose another lead warming automation of yours for this.

Note: This recipe works well with our recipes Outbound Sequence, Outbound Reply, and 1:1 Email Engagement Tracking - Link Click to provide a complete process.

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