Logic 1: Engagement Tagging (Import 2nd)

Todd Molloy

This is one part of a 6 part automation series that all work together as a complete system. It is based on the "Invisible Selling Machine" concept made popular by DigitalMarketer.

This automation should be imported 2nd (after Phase 5).

This logic campaign applies tags to people that are engaged and then waits 60 days to apply a dis-engaged tag which will start the re-engagement campaign.

It also stops the Phase 5 re-engagement campaign if someone re-engages from those emails. (This is why you need to import Phase 5 first).

Invisible Selling Machine Series
Phase 5: Re-engagement Campaign (import 1st)
Logic 1: Engagement Tagging (import 2nd)
Logic 2: Engagement Start (import 3rd)
Phase 1: Indoctrination Series (import 4th)
Phase 2: Engagement Series (import 5th)
Phase 3: Ascension Series (import 6th)

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