Event: Limited Time Exhibit Workflow


How do you promote your limited time event with automated emails? How can you increase awareness about an exhibit that won't be around forever?

The "Event: Limited Time Exhibit Email Series" automation recipe helps you build awareness and excitement for your limited program or offer!

With this automation recipe you can:

- Increase visibility with an event announcement email
- Build awareness and excitement with promotional emails
- Use urgency to drive event attendance
- Increase ticket sales through email automation
- Tell your audience more about your event and organization through an informational email drip

Here's how the automation recipe works:

1. This automation does not have a start trigger -- the reason is because your exhibit is only here for a limited time. The idea behind this is that when your exhibit is open or set to open, you can add contacts to the automation yourself. You can choose contacts on an individual level, or add contacts by list
2. The automation waits until the date is January 1, and the time is 10 am in your timezone. This is the default setting, and you can set the automation to wait for a specific date and time of your choosing.
3. The automation sends the first event announcement email, inviting your email contacts to come check out your limited time event
4. The automation waits 1 week (Note: you can change this wait step to any amount of time you choose)
5. The automation sends a reminder email, again inviting your email contacts to come to your limited time exhibit.
6. The automation waits 1 week
7. The automation sends the 3rd email in the series. We recommend using this third email to create urgency for your contacts, telling them that this opportunity won't be around forever and encouraging them to take action
8. The automation waits 1 week
9. The automation sends a 4th email telling your contacts this week is the last week the limited time exhibit is available
10. The automation waits 4 days
11. The automation sends a 5th automated reminder email that there's only 3 days left
12. The automation waits 2 days
13. The automation sends the final email on the last day your limited time exhibit is open
14. The automation ends

Note: In this example the limited time exhibit is open for 4 weeks, and the wait steps and email subject lines are reflective of that timeline. You can change the wait steps and customize the automated email subject lines to reflect your own timeline for however long your limited time event will be open.

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