Engage Prospects Interested In Pricing Automation Recipe


How do you engage potential customers interested in discussing pricing? Are you looking for a way to schedule a call with an engaged contact who has viewed your pricing page?

With the Engage Prospects Interested In Pricing automation recipe you can send a meeting request email to automatically reach out to begin a sales conversation with contacts who repeatedly visit your pricing page.

This automation first checks to see if the contact has already scheduled a meeting with you. If they have, the automation checks to see if there is an existing deal in the CRM (customer-relationship-manager) for that contact. If there isn't an open deal, the automation creates a deal record in the CRM. If a contact has scheduled a call with you, the automation will not invite that contact to schedule a meeting via email.

If the engaged contact has not scheduled an appointment with you, the contact will receive an automated meeting request email to schedule a call and discuss pricing.

This automation recipe keeps your leads organized by confirming the deal status of the contacts that view your pricing page.

Here's how the Engage Prospects Interested In Pricing automation recipe works:

1. The automation is triggered when an existing contact visits your pricing page or (optional) another page that indicates product interest or purchasing intent
2. The automation checks if the contact has scheduled an appointment, or has a "meeting scheduled" tag applied
3. If yes, the automation checks for an open deal in the CRM and creates a deal if one doesn't exist
4. If no, the automation sends a meeting request email to schedule a sales conversation and answer their pricing questions

Optional-- you can use this automation recipe alongside scheduling software tools including:

-Google Forms

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