Hopin: Webinar Link Send via Postmark


Running a webinar can be difficult. There’s a lot of moving parts, both internally and externally, to get right to ensure everyone can attend the webinar and the host has no technical issues. This automation can help you save time and automate one of your tasks: sending out your webinar link when it’s time via our powerful Postmark integration!

This automation uses a series of wait steps and a send email step to send out your webinar link when you want it to arrive before the event itself. Before importing this recipe, you’ll need to integrate your Postmark and Hopin accounts and design your campaign in the Templates section of ActiveCampaign.

Here’s how Hopin: Webinar Link Send via Postmark works:
1. The automation is triggered when a contact is added to the list generated by Hopin for your upcoming event. This happens when a contact signs up for one of your events
2. The contact waits for five minutes in a wait step.
3. The contact then moves to a condition based wait step and waits for it to be the day in the date based custom field for Event Date.
4. The contact then arrives at another condition based wait step, which is set to wait for a specified time of day. In our example, we use 7am.
5. The contact comes to a “send transactional email'' step and an email with a link to the webinar and instructions is sent.
6. The contact exits the automation.

Note: We use a custom date based field for the wait step, but this automation does not automatically add the event date. We add the event date in our automation recipe “Hopin: Add Event Date To Custom Field”. This is why we also have the first five minute wait step, it holds the contact while the custom field is updated. You’ll also need to build out this custom field if you haven’t already.

Note: In our example, we send out the webinar link the morning of the webinar, but feel free to adjust this to whatever makes sense for your business. You may wish to send out the link a few days earlier, for instance.

Note: When setting the time based condition in the last wait step, be sure to use the timing based on your region and not contact’s timezone. Setting it to contact’s timezone would mean contact’s are stuck in the wait step until it’s the specified time for them.

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