Healthcare: Survey Follow-up


How well does the average person know their health?

You might be surprised by how many people don't know the full extent of their unhealthy habits. Many healthcare centers and professionals offer some form of survey that people can take to get an idea of how healthy their current lifestyle is. We've gone a step further and built out a follow-up to make these surveys actionable.

This automation creates a deal for the contact when they submit your survey so you can start tracking their stage in your process from the get go. It then segments by a question on the form for if the contact would like someone to reach out about setting up an appointment or seeking treatment, creating a task if they do, and sending out some helpful information around the survey topic if they don't.

Here's how this automation works:

1. The contact enters the automation when they submit your survey.
2. The contact reaches an Add deal action and has a deal created.
3. An If/Else action checks to see if a custom field tracking if the contact wants a personal follow-up.
4. If Yes, the contact reaches the add task action and the deal owner is assigned a task of calling the contact.
5. If No, the contact waits for a day at a wait step.
6. Then the contact is sent an email for a survey follow-up which could include helpful articles or thought leadership on the survey topic.

Note: In our example, the survey is built using ActiveCampaign forms. If you are using a form or survey integration, feel free to adjust the trigger.

Note: You will need to add the question about if the contact would like to be followed up with and then use this custom field in the If/Else action to segment your contacts.

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