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What's the speed of information?

If you're in the healthcare field, you know that information, thought leadership, and new discoveries happen fast. Help your contact base stay up to date with your field of expertise by ensuring they are sent your latest posts from your blog.

This automation is triggered when your blog reaches the specified number of new entries. It is further segmented in our example by a certain list subscription of contacts so that they are the only ones receiving the blog. The contacts are then sent an email with the RSS block, providing images and descriptions of your latest blog posts directly in the email.

Here's how this automation works:

1. The contacts specified by any condition you set enter the automation when your blog post has the specified number of new posts.
2. The contacts are sent an email with information and links to the blog post in it.
3. The contacts exit the automation.

Note: You can choose how many new posts you need to trigger this automation in the trigger. Perhaps you like to send out a daily blog update when a new item comes out or wait until you have a whole slew of new information for your contacts.

Note: The trigger is unique in that all contacts who match the segment conditions will enter automatically when the new RSS items requirement is met, so make sure you segment using conditions such as lists, tags, etc. so that the right contacts get these updates.

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